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As of April 1, 2023, ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union’s service partner, Concentra Financial, has issued a revised Declaration of Trust applicable to all RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA account holders. The change was required to meet legislative requirements and will not affect the day-to-day operation of accounts. Members with these registered accounts are encouraged to review the revised forms.

Declaration of Trust – RRIF

Declaration of Trust – RRSP

Declaration of Trust – TFSA

Your Privacy is Important to Us

We are committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal and financial information. While the Internet is revolutionizing the way that we do business — providing convenient access to financial services from your home or office — we also recognize that it may bring legitimate concerns about privacy and security.

Please visit our online privacy policies here.

ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union is committed to protecting the personal information of credit union members, employees and other individuals. In order to protect all personal information collected, used or disclosed by ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union, we have adopted the Credit Union Code for the Protection of Personal Information.

On our website, we only collect personal information required to improve the services we offer, to improve our site content and, with your permission, to contact you with information about our services. We will not share any personal information obtained on this website with any other organization without your express knowledge and consent.

You can visit all public areas of our site without providing any personal information about yourself. Our website collects only non-personal information based on a visitor’s Internet Protocol (IP) address (this is not personally identifiable). Information collected includes the date and time of visit, the type of Internet browser used to access the site, the referring address (the link a visitor uses to access the site). This data is used to create statistics on site usage and improve online services.

To help us manage our website, we set a cookie on your computer that expires when you close your web browser. If you send us an e-mail, any information provided by you will only be used for the purposes of responding to your inquiry or acting on your request. We will not use your name or e-mail address for any other purposes without additional consent.

Our site may also contain links to other websites or Internet resources. As an example, from time-to-time we may provide links to to assist you in upgrading your Internet browser. However, we have no control over these other websites or Internet resources and do not control their collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. Always review the Privacy Statements of the sites that you are viewing.

How do I contact ECU - A Division of WFCU Credit Union with questions or concerns?

A member may direct questions concerning ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union’s compliance with the Code and its Principles to ECU’s Privacy Officer by calling 519-974-3100 and asking for the Director, Compliance, or by sending an email to or by writing to the attention of the:

Privacy Officer ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union 3000 Marentette Avenue Windsor, Ontario N8X 4G2


I consent to the Financial Institution obtaining my full personal credit report from credit reporting agencies from time to time for the purposes of assessing my current and ongoing creditworthiness, to update my personal information, and for risk assessment purposes. This consent shall be effective as of the date of this consent and shall be valid so long as I am authorized to sign or transact on an account. The Financial Institution may provide information about my credit history and other personal information to other financial institutions and credit reporting agencies to update my credit information and maintain the integrity of the credit reporting system.

I consent to the Financial Institution and its agents and representatives collecting, using, and disclosing my personal information to:

  1. Verify my identity and maintain records of my personal information, in accordance with the Financial Institution’s requirements to manage its risk arising from its operations or as otherwise required by law, including money laundering laws and regulations, which may include checking my identity against watch lists;
  2. Facilitate the collection of debts owing by me, or for which I am financially responsible to the Financial Institution;
  3. Protect me, the third party for whom I am acting, or the Financial Institution from error and fraud, such as identity theft;
  4. Process this Personal Contract and set up, manage, administer, and maintain, as applicable, my membership and Account; and
  5. Keep my records separate from others with the same name.

I consent to the Financial Institution communicating with me, or the third party for whom I am acting, by any means, including mail, in person, email, or otherwise for administrative purposes related to products and services which I currently have or may request in the future.

I understand that my personal information may be transferred to service providers located in other countries, and that in such case my personal information may be accessible by law enforcement and national security agents in those countries.

The Financial Institution and its agents and representatives may use and/or disclose my personal information to determine my suitability and eligibility for products, services, and community events and to market such products, services, and community activities to me, or the third party for whom I am acting, by providing information by any means including mail, electronic message, or in person. The Financial Institution and its agents and representatives may disclose my information to market research firms for the purposes of analysis and/or conducting surveys.

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