Rates & Service Fees

Competitive rates are only the beginning! If you’d like to pay down your mortgage faster, or increase the growth of your investments, ECU has the products, services, and advice to make your financial goals achievable.

Looking for our Foreign Exchange Rates?  You can view these rates on the WFCU Credit Union website.

Prime Rate

ECU Prime Rate8.20%*
Prime Rate7.20%*

Auto Loans

4 year term: 2017 models6.99%*
6 year term: 2018-2020 models6.99%*
7 year term: 2021 models6.99%*
8 year term: 2022 models and newer6.99%*

Loans and Lines of Credit

1 Year Fixed Rate1% greater than the rate on the deposit
1 – 5 Year Termfrom 8.50%
Variable Rate Personal Loanfrom 11.20%
Maximum RRSP Loan9.45%
Maximum $10,0007.99%
CU Line – 100% Secured7.20%
CU Line – Unsecured9.70%
Student Line of Credit9.70%
CU Overdraft Protectionfrom 21.00%*

Mortgage Rates

2-Year Fixed Rate6.39%
5-Year Fixed Rate6.49%
6 Month7.29%*
1 Year7.49%*
2 Year7.19%*
3 Year6.89%*
4 Year6.49%*
5 Year7.29%*
7 Year7.19%*
ClosedFrom 7.20%*
OpenFrom 8.20%*
3 Years – 3% Cashback7.99%*
4 Years – 4% Cashback7.59%*
5 Years – 5% Cashback7.59%*
7 Years – 5% Cashback8.29 %*

Deposit Specials

  • 18-Month Special - 6.05%
  • 1-Year Special - 5.90%
  • 2-Year Special - 5.75%
  • 3-Year Special - 5.00%
  • 4-Year Special - 4.50%
  • 5-Year Special - 4.50%
  • Cashable 1 Year GIC Special - 3.25%
  • Step by Step GIC/TFSA/FHSA Special - 4.00%

Short Term Deposits

30-89 Days0.20%
90-179 Days0.25%
180-364 Days0.40%
4 Months 5.69%***

Term Deposits

1 Year3.00%
2 Year3.75%
3 Year4.00%
4 Year4.05%
5 Year4.15%

Other Investments

1 Year GIC2.75%*
Step By Step GIC/TFSA2.75%*

Service Fees

ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union continually monitors and assesses our service fees in relation to industry standards to ensure we are able to stay current with market innovations while still guaranteeing that our Members receive the best value possible.

Effective May 1, 2021, ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union will be implementing service fee updates. To view these changes, please use the links below:

  1. General Service Fee Changes
  2. Commercial Service fee Changes
  3. Mortgage & Loan Service Fee Changes

For more information about our Rates or Service Fees:

*Rates are subject to change.
**The promotional rate of 5.74% per annum is for a closed, fixed, five-year term Core High-Ratio Mortgage. The Core High-Ratio Mortgage rate is only available to members for the purchase of an owner-occupied property, with less than 20% down payment, who are eligible for and purchase mortgage default insurance and meet other conditions. Other rates and terms are available. Rates are subject to change at any time.

***5.69% applied to an Eligible Savings Account for 120 days then the Regular Interest Rate applies. The maximum deposit amount is $1,000,000. Eligible Savings Account must be opened between October 1, 2023-November 30, 2023. The Offer and interest rates are subject to change without notice. The Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional rate offers. The Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Fees may apply. All applications are subject to approval and standard terms and conditions apply. For the complete terms and conditions that apply to this Offer, please visit wfcu.ca/FinePrint.