Rates & Service Fees

Competitive rates are only the beginning! If you’d like to pay down your mortgage faster, or increase the growth of your investments, ECU has the products, services, and advice to make your financial goals achievable.

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Prime Rate

ECU Prime Rate7.95%*
Prime Rate6.95%*

Auto Loans

4 year term: 2019 models6.99%*
6 year term: 2020-2022 models6.99%*
7 year term: 2023 models6.99%*
8 year term: 2024 models and newer6.99%*

Loans and Lines of Credit

1 Year Fixed Rate1% greater than the rate on the deposit
1 – 5 Year Termfrom 8.50%
1 Year RRSP Loan7.45%
2 Year RRSP Loan8.45%
Variable Rate Personal Loanfrom 10.95%
Maximum RRSP Loan9.20%
Maximum $10,0007.99%
CU Line – 100% Secured6.95%
CU Line – Unsecured9.45%
Student Line of Credit9.45%
CU Overdraft Protectionfrom 21.00%*

Mortgage Rates

1-Year Fixed Rate6.99%1
2-Year Fixed Rate5.29%1
3-Year Fixed Rate5.64%1
6 Month7.29%*
1 Year7.49%*
2 Year7.19%*
3 Year6.89%*
4 Year6.49%*
5 Year6.79%*
7 Year7.19%*
ClosedFrom 9/95%*
OpenFrom 7.95%*
3 Years – 3% Cashback7.99%*
4 Years – 4% Cashback7.59%*
5 Years – 5% Cashback6.99%*
7 Years – 5% Cashback8.29 %*

Investment Rates

Short Term Deposits

30-89 Days0.20%
90-179 Days0.25%
180-364 Days0.40%

Term Deposits

1 Year4.25%
2 Year4.00%
3 Year3.75%
4 Year3.75%
5 Year4.15%

Other Investments

1 Year GIC2.75%*
Step By Step GIC/TFSA2.75%*

Service Fees

ECU – A Division of WFCU Credit Union offers members an extended lineup of services to make everyday banking more convenient.

To view the Service Fee updates that will be implemented effective March 1, 2024, please click here.

To view our current service fees, please use the links below:

  1. General Service Fee Changes
  2. Commercial Service fee Changes
  3. Mortgage & Loan Service Fee Changes

For more information about our Rates or Service Fees:

*Rates are subject to change.

1 Visit myECU.ca/FinePrint for full details.